Why Join

GEARBOXNET is a means to access a worldwide network of Distributors of gearboxes; available for sale only to distributors, available for purchase to Distributors and End Users.

While storing less, it is possible to have a huge availability of products resulting in increasing sales.

Checking the availability of the products is done through the web portal GEARBOXNET, with quick and easy clicks.

Entering the GEARBOXNET network opens a worldwide market of potential suppliers, but also of potential customers who will see both the rotating stock and the stock of obsolete or excess products.

The End Users enrolled in GEARBOXNET, who usually buy gearboxes, can search for gearboxes in the world for any of their plants, so as to know , in order of distance, those who are ready to supply the required products.

As a Summary

Easy search and purchase
You can search and buy gearboxes worldwide, 24 hours a day, accessing a database continously updated by partecipating distributors. Through the tool ôCATALOGö you can define the gearboxes code according to the manufacturers code.
Each Distributor can offer for sale, by inserting the items in the database, both his own stock and the gearboxes hard to sell wich are a surplus. Joining the network immediately expands the market of potential customers.
Affordable purchase
Through GEARBOXNET it is possible to get offers from all over the world, with the opportunity to buy at lower prices than usual suppliers of gearboxes.
GEARBOXNET increases the visibility of the Distributor on the market.
Through the website it is possible to get information about the market, with particular reference to the most popular brands and types of gearboxes. It is also possible to ask or provide information to the other members.
It is possible to advertise your own activity through the insertion of a banner into the website.

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