The Service

The research of gearboxes is usually carried out according to the following steps:

The customer who turns to the distributor of gearboxes often expresses the need for a quick delivery, which is usually possible for a limited number of codes, even in the presence, at times, of huge stocks.
In case of request of one or more gearboxes the distributor can answer:
  • By drawing, if possible, from his own warehouse
  • Consulting the manufacturer, whether in contact with him, with delivery times that can vary from a few days up to several weeks
  • Consulting his network of contacts, that can hardly reach
If the distributor finds in his warehouse, by the manufacturer or by the distributors in contact with him the required gearbox, he may give a positive response to the customer.
Very often customers are proposed waiting times incompatible with the expressed need. Therefore the customer must address his research to other competing distributors. In this case the outcome has two downsides:
  • 1. Failure sale
  • 2. The intervention of one or more competitors.
In order to meet the needs of all customers it would be necessary to access a huge warehouse.
The solution is to enormously expand the stock of available products in which to look for, accessing a large number of distributors at local and international/global level through GEARBOXNET. In all probability the selected gearboxes will be available in such network. Conversely, if the gearboxes can not be found through GEARBOXNET then it is reasonable to think that no competitor can meet the customerĺs need.

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