• Customers but also Suppliers

    Accessing the GEARBOXNET network opens a worldwidw market of potential suppliers, but also of potential customers who will see both the rotating stock and the stock of obsolete or surplus products.

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  • End Users access

    GEARBOXNET is open, upon registration, to all those who use gearboxes in their plants or machineries and need a quick answer and delivery. GEARBOXNET provides the contact of all Distributors able to supply sorted by distance from the applicant.

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  • The Gearbox Network

    The fastest and most effective way to find gearboxes through a network of Distributor Members

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GEARBOXNET is the network of Distributors born to facilitate the research of gearboxes by drawing from a global warehouse consisting of the sum of the individual warehouses of each distributor.

GEARBOXNET is also a search tool for all the Major Users who need to find in real time the gearboxes for their production cycle, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

GEARBOXNET is a fast tool that facilitates the contact between supply and demand by optimizing the stocks of gearboxes and creating new sales opportunities.

The Service

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